Sock Club Subscription


Are you a fellow lover of sock knitting?  This club is for you!  This is an exclusive club, devoted to socks.  

You will receive a shipment every other month because sometimes life happens and you can't get a pair done in one month every month.  The club shipment dates are mid-March 2017, mid-May and mid-July 2017.  

Wondering what is included?

  • Enough sock yarn to make an adult sized pair of socks.
  • An exclusive colorway on a favorite yarn base, hand dyed in our Juneau studio.
  • A coordinating pattern from a professional designer.
  • Extras!  Everyone loves a little something extra.  Some things that may be included:  stitch markers, needle keepers, project bags, candy, tea, notions...pretty much anything!
  • Postage to get the package to you.  If you are in Juneau, you are welcome to pick your package up at Seaside Yarns when it is ready.  Local knitters will receive a little something at the end of the club for picking up their package monthly.