Who Is A Tree Hugger's Wife?

I am Melissa and I am a tree hugger's wife (literally).  I started hand dyeing yarn and fiber in 2008 after we moved to Juneau, Alaska.  I bought a spinning wheel from a friend and wanted to make my own dyed rovings.  Once I got the hang of that, I decided it would be fun to see what I could create with commercially milled yarns.  My love of hand dyeing happened very quickly.    

I own the brick and mortar LYS, Seaside Yarns in Juneau, Alaska.  You can sometimes find my yarns at Quilted Raven in Anchorage, Alaska as well.  

Over the past two years, I have been slowly switching my yarn bases to all 100% USA made yarns.  It is important to me to be proud of the quality of yarn I offer and I love being able to tell customers that my yarn is made in America.  I have worked with Jane from the Yolo Wool Mill in northern California for wool processing, Cestari and Kraemer Yarns for finished yarns, as well as two farmers in northern California for my wool sources, Jim has Southdown, Hampshire and Dorset sheep and Evan has my beloved Columbias.  It has become a project that I fully believe in, I want to support America's farmers and invest in their future.